Life of a lecturer

A conversation with Jane Duncan about being a lecturer #Circa2019 #Storytelling #EngagedPedagogy

Reimagining Higher Education in Africa Symposium

Speaking on the African University of the Future at Mandela . Asking what it means to read, follow and time travel #Circa2018 #Mandela100

Patriarchal Violence: A systemic war on our bodies.

The series dealt with broad histories of gender and violence in South Africa and across the world. This discussion speaks to the ongoing cultures of violence against queer, trans and femme people and how we can cultivate forms of care and resistance #Circa2020 #TroubleGender

Reflecting on a more robust fiscal imagination

A short primer/provocation on UBI debate in South Africa #YouthUnderemployment #Circa2021

Collecting Collective Trauma: Lessons from two rainbow nations

A presentation as part of the UMAPS Winter 2022 Colloquium Series, Ann Arbor Michigan #EpistemicDisarticulation #BlackLikeWhen #BlackLikeWhere